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This is a controversial and difficult time that we are living in today… COVID-19 isolated us from each other, took away our hugs and kisses, took away our celebrations with family and friends.

But these difficult and controversial times make us reconsider about what is most important… and it really is the little things of everyday life, living NOW together with those we love the most, who really fulfill us and bring moments of happiness and peace! To be able to enjoy the sunset … or the sunrise on top of a mountain … take a dip in the very cold water of a river … have a picnic in the middle of a field where the only noise we hear is the wonderful sound of the crickets and the simplicity of nature where we are happier, and are most grateful!

At Casas do Pátio, NATURE will always be our host… and that’s why we want to invite you to rediscover with us the peace of country life, in a slowlife concept, living your days far from the stress and noise of the big cities.

And when you visit us, we want you to feel safe. We want you to feel at home, just like in the comfort of your own home.

On our part we commit to you, and Turismo de Portugal to accept the rules of  “ Clean & Safe” These rules aim to guarantee the safety of everyone: yours, our team and our community.

The COVID-19 the legal changes of Clean & Safe commitment imply some changes that  is essential that you know, understand and accept. All of them are contained in our internal protocol, which we invite you to read below, summarized:

On our premises

  • You will find important information of how to protect yourself
  • You will find disinfectant gel for use in social areas and also in your home Casas do Patio
  • We have reinforced our cleaning and disinfection measures, using appropriate sanitizing products
  • We use nebulization disinfectant, which we apply in our homes between guest changes, as a complementary safety measure
  • We have adapted our reception to function as an isolation room, in case of need
  • We removed items that are difficult to disinfect such as rugs, magazines, backpacks, etc.
  • We close the houses between stays for a period of 24 hours (this way we will have more time to disinfect everything.

Our team

  • Are trained as per our Internal Protocol, DGS guidelines for hygiene and on how to comply with the basic rules of infection prevention and control, namely, for daily self-monitoring of symptoms
  • Receive personal protective equipment appropriate to the degree of risk of the work that has to be done.
  • Receive a uniform to change daily at work
  • Responsible for accompanying you in case of suspected infection


Our guests

  • You can get at the reception a hygiene and protection kit that you can purchase
  • You can only check-in from 4 pm (we have changed the time to have more time to prepare everything) the check-out time must be respected within the limit until 12 pm
  • Guests may effect an electronic pre check-in ahead of time.
  • Compulsory to wear a mask in social areas and at the reception, as well as when delivering breakfast
  • Must maintain social distance for at least 2 meters in all contacts in Casas do Pátio and in the village of Caldas da Felgueira
  • If guests have any requirements please make a prior telephone call to +351 968487975|966540330 (you can use WhatsApp)
  • Guests must leave their home during the daily cleaning and schedule cleaning at check-in for the period between 10:00 and 12:30.
  • Accounts must be closed and payment made by 4 pm on the day before departure. Only exceptional cases may lead to changes at check-in, in these cases guests will be promptly informed by Casas do Pátio

Our suppliers/partners

  • The delivery of goods must be scheduled in advance.
  • Unloading of goods should be done outside, at the back of the reception, in the presence of a person in charge of Casas do Pátio. The person in charge will ensure that the goods are disinfected before putting them away.
  • In our facilities, workers must wear a mask and ensure a minimum social distance of 2 meters
  • Partners who travel to Casas do Pátio to provide additional services at the request of our guests, must notify us by phone before entering our facilities.
  • All partners must wear a mask and follow all basic prevention rules
  • They will not be able to enter the premises in case of illness or suspected illness by COVID-19
  • All suppliers and partners must ensure compliance with all hygiene and disinfection protocols, as well as all basic prevention measurements required.


  • They will not be able to enter the premises. Any questions should be clarified by phone nrs are: + 351 968487975| 966540330. This is an essential measurement in order for everyone’s security

Action Plan

  • Casas do Pátio have an action plan that if required will be triggered off in case of need.